Andria is the Director of the Vidyanand Transformational Yoga Centre in Phillip Island. Andria has been practicing yoga for almost 30 years. She was introduced to   Hatha yoga by her dance teacher when she was a child and started her yoga journey at Mangala school of creative dance and yoga in Carlton. She completed a Bachelor of Sci in Human Movement and then a Graduate Diploma in Education and Health. After spending a year studying psychology she made the shift to philosophy whilst continuing on her journey with yoga. She studied philosophy for 5 years and graduated as a Yoga Teacher through the Viveknand Yoga Research Centre in Bangalore. She specialised in Raja Yoga. After teaching Hatha and Raja Yoga she practiced Iyengar Yoga and also discovered the depths and benefits of deep meditation practices. 

She then completed her Masters in Education Leadership and is now doing research into the healing and transformation of yoga practice. She has recently returned from a trip in India where she spent time learning ancient yogic wisdom with Swamiji Vidyanand and was honoured with her Grandmasters in yoga and meditation as well as in Transformational Yoga® and communication. Swami Vidyanand's Transformational Yoga is a deeply healing and life transforming practice which synthesises techniques of Hatha, white tantra, raja, mantra, ashtanga and kundalini yoga to bring about raid transformation. The centre in cape Woolamai on Phillip Island uses the natural surrounds of ocean and nature and combines this with transformational yoga. 

The centre runs daily classes and also 100 hour level self transformational yoga and meditation courses and 200 hour level yoga and meditation teacher training on behalf of Sri Ma International School of Transformational Yoga, India. 

Grand Master of Hatha Yoga & Meditation

Masters in Education Leadership

Graduate Diploma in Education & Health

Bachelors of Science (Human Development)